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Quality Management System
Independent quality management organization and comprehensive quality assurance function (operation system)
Quality Assurance (QA) - system management, process control, standardized management, document control center.
Quality Control (QC) - incoming inspection, process inspection, finished product inspection, shipment inspection.
Quality Engineering (QE) – R&D quality (new product evaluation), quality control for mass production(monitor & analysis for process capability, abnormal analysis & solve).
Supply Chain Quality Management (SQM) - Supplier permit assessment, counseling, occasional audits of suppliers' product testing and evaluation.
Quality management system maintenance and routine environmental monitoring
Quality department regularly check management systems and processes to ensure that all personnel do according to the process operations, to avoid errors.
Quality department regularly organize and conduct training on quality system to ensure that all quality-related personnel get trained before on the job.
According to GMP standards for production and quality management, (The environment of Auto Tubing workshop is 100 000 grade).
Laboratory personnel implement fully comprehensive environmental monitoring during production cycle, regularly dust particles, colony, pressure fluctuation, wind speed, illumination, temperature and humidity.
Central laboratory setup for the purpose of providing a inspection and analysis
According to CMA, CNAS and ISO17025 standards to establish the central laboratory, testing more than 50 projects, in accordance with national standards for Cosmetics Tubes, Food Tubes, etc. multi-directional detection.
Central Laboratory consist of the physical and chemical room, heavy metal room, precision instrument room, measuring room, medicine room, calibration chamber, microbiological testing chamber. Microbial limit room, the positive control room for the million level clean bench and biological safety cabinets to one hundred.
Configure a variety of advanced detection equipment. With material analysis, product safety and health testing, functional testing, microbial detection capabilities.
Usage advanced quality management practices to enhance the management level
Application FMEA, APQP and other techniques in product development stage; using SPC, QC seven practices in process stage; For customer complaints and abnormal product adopt 8D method. Implement TQM to fully conduct quality management within the company.
Metrological management and laboratory center use the method of MSA to evaluate the measurement system to ensure the system’s scientific & accuraly performance.
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