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Maxam create a new benchmark for professional standards to develop children's toothpaste 6S


Children's toothpaste market, many domestic brands, dazzling, overwhelming variety of product concepts, various functions opinions, at the time of purchase, the newborn's mother because of lack of experience, often at a loss, thought that expensive is good, but some news leaked imported products also have this kind of problem, so that the young mothers in the choice of toothpaste for their baby, when a headache, do not know how to choose.

Shanghai Maxam Day of attention to this situation, in order for the industry in product quality varied phenomenon to some extent standardized, in order to establish a high standard of similar products, in order to give consumers a sincere commitment, MAXAM day of the first in the industry house developed a system of quality standards toothpaste for children: Children's toothpaste 6s professional standards.

As Chinese oral cleaning Industrial Supplies Industry Association vice chairman of the unit, over the years, Maxam day of itself involved in a number of industry-standard drafting and formulation. This time, Maxam day of business is to integrate scientific research strength accumulated over the years, with 28 years of experience specializing in the production of children's toothpaste for children's toothpaste brand - bubble baby child toothpaste formulated senior high standard - Children toothpaste 6s professional standard.

According to the director of the Japan Technology Center Maxam senior Chenjian Fen introduction, the standard is "leading and trusted."

Chen Gong said:. "Is a professional research team Maxam day of the introduction of US Patent characteristics combined with the latest scientific research Chinese baby secondary patented technology developed", "one of the professional standards of children's toothpaste 6s core technology" IGY IGY biological decay organisms moth technology "received many national invention patents related research, but also through the Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Wuhan University and Tongji hospital of Stomatology and so many clinically proven."

According to reporter understanding, another prominent feature of children's toothpaste 6s professional standards is particularly great importance to product quality and safety, which is the Shanghai Maxam day of business management in recent years, the focus, Maxam day so that the quality system standards into the product to a new level, the initiative with the international advanced production management standards, has passed the four management system certification, she was the first through the HACCP certification.

Shanghai Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Maxam person responsible for the reporter said: As a responsible state-owned enterprises, the Shanghai Daily Chemical insists Maxam responsible "corporate citizen", our business has always been thought that the people producing "Chinese toothpaste" for the vision and glory. "Children toothpaste 6s professional standards," the launch also represents the Shanghai Maxam day of production standards in the field of children's toothpaste a breakthrough, we can say our research and production team is responsible for the attitude of "the future of the motherland" to the development, production higher security quality children toothpaste, we are confident that the challenges require the highest level of quality, technology, safety on! to provide safe, high-quality oral hygiene products for Chinese baby!

Reporters noted that in all supermarkets, marking the "children's toothpaste 6s professional standards," the senior children's toothpaste bubble baby already be listed!

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