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Colgate Total toothpaste event: Three Questions "triclosan" quality and safety


"What kind of toothpaste can be used in the end?" Recently, Bloomberg broke the Colgate Total toothpaste containing triclosan, the substance may cause fetal malformations accused, and even cancer. This news broke, it caused great concern of the whole society, many netizens sent the above questions in the message.

For Colgate toothpaste containing triclosan questioned as early as 2005, in 2011 there came a sound similar. This question again hit the newspapers, the public once again touched a sensitive nerve.
Throughout the network of public opinion for this event can be broadly divided into four categories. The first public sound, users said no longer use Colgate brand toothpaste. A second opinion is old news in questioning what sorts of new speculation, netizens expressed concern disdain for this event. In a third opinion, the users are not free to stand in line, but exhibit rational thinking, there are users that "this is an old brand, or survey clearly now," "set aside to talk about toxic dose is bullying."
More users appear in a fourth opinion, the safety of triclosan doubt, calling for the authorities be able to make this authoritative answer. "Can not confirm the conclusion of a scientist alone made more marketing years will certainly not accept the logic of security in the United States, Europe and other Western countries, Chinese Food and Drug Administration inspection department should have its own conclusions." A netizen commented so.
So, whether Colgate toothpaste sales over or are selling ingredients containing triclosan? Whether, as reported triclosan can say that cancer? Have national standards be strict rules? These have become not open around the question mark.
Asked one: someone's product is still selling it
In the interview, the reporter found that Colgate with two statements made in response to this incident: a statement in September 2011 showed that Colgate Total toothpaste triclosan-containing antibacterial ingredients have only a small market share in China for commercial operational considerations, was the beginning of the year to stop production in China; August 12, 2014 issued a statement saying, based on commercial considerations, the company did not sell in the Chinese mainland market Colgate Total toothpaste.
The statement also explained that more than 70 clinical studies over the participation of more than 10,000 patients, and in the past 20 years between Colgate Total toothpaste scientific review by the US, EU and other regulatory agencies have confirmed the safety of Colgate Total toothpaste resistance and efficacy.
This answer does not seem to reassure the public and relevant agencies. It is reported that all of Colgate toothpaste with "Total" or the words "full effect" are someone's product, the former Hong Kong sales, which had sales in the Mainland. Reporters search found Amazon toothpaste which has been in short supply, but there are still sold on Taobao, mostly Hong Kong Shopping Colgate Total toothpaste, and has sold nearly 30 days. This means that the recent domestic consumers still use this toothpaste.
After media reports, the Department has consulted on this issue to the Hong Kong Department of Health, plans to expand the investigation into the relevant reports. Currently, Which toothpaste has to stop selling in Hong Kong.
Triclosan as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent is generally added to the toothpaste Dengri articles. Media have reported that a doctor FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) that there are at least 2,000 different soap products containing triclosan.
Some experts said that triclosan is widely applied in the country. 2000 years ago, the amount of triclosan in the country to use only a few tons, and its main source of imports. And after 2010, domestic production reached triclosan hundreds of tons. Reporters in Alibaba wholesale online search input triclosan, found 281 related products, ranging from 1 kg price at 100-200 yuan.
Asked two: 0.3% limit standard fly it
It is understood that China's current standard, the raw material for toothpaste triclosan allows you to add, but a limited amount of targets. GB "toothpaste raw material specification" (GB22115-2008), the clearly defined limits triclosan is 0.3%, and noted that such preservatives can also be used for other purposes added to toothpaste, but the use of concentration should meet the same limits.
Secretary-General of China Oral Care Products Industry Association, told reporters phase build strong, both in the EU, the US, or domestic, triclosan have a limited use as a preservative, and allows you to add in toothpaste, and the current limits consistent States . "Does not exceed 0.3%, which is safe."
So, about 0.3% of the EU limit requirement in place a scientific basis? Affect human health? Phase Jianqiang noted that the EU ban on all types of materials are generally restricted safety evaluation based feedstock, namely the security of data. Safety data made by the EU's official safety evaluation mechanism SCCS (the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Products). Evaluation of triclosan and SCCS concluded that adding toothpaste products does not exceed 0.3% of the safe.
Our 2007 release of "Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics" limited use in cosmetic components directory under preservative, triclosan limit value is 0.3%. "Triclosan is currently in the country is fully capable of detecting both testing standards, there are detection methods." In the national standard "toothpaste raw materials specification," the main drafters of the Sun Oriental opinion, against 0.3% triclosan limited provisions made reference to the the EU and the relevant domestic industry regulations, and there are specific methods to detect the content of triclosan in toothpaste.
It is understood that the Hong Kong Consumer Council recently sampling a total of 23 brands were on the market 35 toothpaste. Among them, including Colgate toothpaste, including 3 common preservative was detected containing triclosan or carcinogenic, but are in line with the standard limit.

Asked three: triclosan can cause cancer yet
When a lot of media coverage triclosan events are mentioned toothpaste containing triclosan may cause fetal malformation or cancer, in particular, there is no lack of such words in the title.
About triclosan carcinogenic, incessant controversy in recent years, 2010 is even worse. June 2010, FDA issued a report against triclosan noted that laboratory tests confirmed that low doses of triclosan can cause bacterial mutations appear to increase their probability of drug resistance genes, and can be transmitted to other drug-resistant bacteria. But the FDA in response to the US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee staff said, has not yet been sufficient safety data to recommend consumers not to use products containing triclosan.
March 2011, the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety again triclosan safety assessment carried out and published a thick "triclosan" report, a detailed record of the various security results in medicine, toxicology and so on. Submission final conclusion: toothpaste, hand lotion, shower gel, deodorant cream in order to use a maximum concentration of 0.3% triclosan, is considered to be safe. "There is no definitive evidence that triclosan teratogenic or carcinogenic." Phase build strong emphasis.
It is understood from the perspective of raw materials, toothpaste industry testing institutions sampling products for 20 consecutive years, did not find insecurity. "The main role is antiseptic triclosan, but not a non-plus non-additive, there are a variety of other substances can replace triclosan." As some domestic toothpaste to antibacterial medicine with traditional Chinese medicine. "Phase Jianqiang said.

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