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The first branch of Israeli children settled toothpaste Watson


2014 "Most parents like children's oral care products," Israel CTOOTH C tooth toothpaste for children's formal entry into the Asian market. C has a pharmaceutical professional-quality children's teeth toothpaste on August 14 Watsons official stationed in mainland China more than 1,800 stores. This is Sisa Meikang Following France RIVAGE Rui Weiqi, Taiwan Morita cosmeceutical, Germany ALPENCOSMED Alpine Sport after another imported Chinese import brands. Back in June of this year, Sisa Meikang (Sunsult Moikom) on the official micro-blog has been exposed, the teeth of children's toothpaste imported C (as this year's main push one brand) in August will land China Watson.

"C tooth toothpaste for children is a global top20 pharmaceutical companies CTS specifically for children aged 2-12 degree in oral and dental growth and development of children's oral care brand development." Sisa US health officials said. According to its introduction, C tooth toothpaste for children first conference launched a total of six models, include deciduous, permanent teeth ages of two breakdown products. On the packaging, using fresh cartoon style. The Watsons settled for C tooth toothpaste for children 2-6 years old strawberry models, grape models and Daddy, Mommy toothpaste.

KA store is the first to set foot Sisa brand sales channels to Morita drug store for the pilot occupied the next line of many sales channels, according to the enterprise responsible person said, C is also about the teeth of the first video ad in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and many other cities put, Sisa hope that through the integration of network marketing and advertising resources in one fell swoop started the C line of children toothpaste tooth profile in China.

According to Sisa internal news, Aug. 14, C Watson officially on sale in the tooth. 'Its no sugar, no fluorine, low foam, food grade four unique selling point is bound to make it stand out in the oral care category in the Watson children. 'C tooth brand leader says.

Children fluorosis currently the frequent phenomenon, the hottest children's oral care institutions, both in the vigilance we have to take seriously children's oral care problems. Choose age-appropriate children's oral care products is particularly important. Although a group of second-tier cities began to consciously parents for children to purchase exclusive children's toothpaste, but on the Chinese oral care research agency data show that China's awareness of children's oral care is not universal, the family home with the use of a toothpaste still the majority. When interviewed, Sisa US president Sunhan Wu Kang said: "C Child Safety toothpaste tooth to let more parents began to pay attention to the child's oral care, so that more children get security professional dental care." The landing gear Watson is C the first step in both advocacy of professional nursing baby.

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