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Outstanding talent is the foundation for enterprises to achieve the strategic objectives and the dynamic power of company sustainable development. The company has attracted talented people with scientific training methods, effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform and broad developing space. We have exerted great efforts on HR "election, education, employment, maintenance" and constantly optimized the structure of personnel quality. So that each and every employee can fully reflect their self-worth in this collective, personal career planning and enterprise development goals can fit to the maximum degree, enabling the employees to grow with the company. The company advocate the company values of "innovation and transcendence; integrity, responsibility and cooperative spirit; happy work, healthy life", and use this as the guiding principle for various works of our human resources, we believe that "employees that can perfectly accomplish the jobs are the wealth of our company", the company values staffs' professional ethnics of integrity, honesty and the courage to take responsibility, we promote communication, cooperation and dedication and mutual help. The company has provided staffs with a good working environment and development platform by scientific and standardized management, and we strive to achieve common development and progress of the employees and the company.

Company advocates simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships, resists any negative "company politics" phenomenon, we make the relationship between people simple and healthy so as to build a happy working atmosphere. We care about our employees' life, encourage their pursuit of physical and mental health and support them for rich variety of cultural and sports activities so as to make employees to relax after work, enabling employees to work hard and lead happy life.

Personnel should possess such qualities:
First of all, a healthy personality. This may be more metaphysical, to put it simple, one should have his or her principle, clear standard to know black from white, a strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.
Second, relatively high creativity. He must have a sense of innovation, a unique perspective on problems, creative impulse, and spirit of divergent thinking and dare to doubt.
Thirdly, the initiative. He should have high initiative, consciousness of self-improvement and self-development, and few dependencies.
Finally, a wide range of knowledge. Now companies request talents to have complex knowledge structures, which can assure the talent migration thinking.
In these qualities, good professional integrity is especially important. Good professional integrity is the most quality for a professional manager, otherwise, how will people trust you with their business? First thing you need to know is what you should do, and know how to do it, you must know your responsibilities and your targets. Premises to achieve all these are healthy personality and sense of responsibility.

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